Back To The Future by Bella Grace.

Back To The Future by Bella Grace.

Poster artist Bella Grace takes us on a dreamy tour of the entire Back to the Future trilogy, in her new screen print edition for Zavvi Gallery.

'Back to the Future' is a new officially licensed screen print edition by Bella Grace, commissioned and released exclusively by Zavvi Gallery.

Bella Grace, poster artist extraordinaire, created this fantastic pair of posters for the altogether timeless Back to the Future trilogy. The iconic time-machine takes centre stage, evoking in its drift the events of all three films. It's such a great concept, and the illustration is perfectly executed.

This is the first time we've worked on a print by this artist, and the artwork was a delight to take into production. Plenty of consideration for the screen print process had clearly been poured into the creation of the work, where the layering was highly adept, and some really effective decisions had been made for how the artwork and its colours would alter to work brilliantly on the rainbow foil variant.

This was the last print we produced in 2020, but wasn't shipped until the new year. It's great seeing the prints out there in the hands of the artist and gallery customers. A wonderful way to kickstart the year, and it has us really looking forward to printing more of Bella's work in 2021.

'Back to the Future' was screen printed at 24"x36" and in 5 cols. There was a regular edition of 200+AP's and variant rainbow foil edition of 100+AP's.

Pretty certain the main editions sold out right away, but a limited number of AP's will soon be available from the artist.