‘Fight Club’ by Raphael Kelly.

‘Fight Club’ by Raphael Kelly.

Rebecca Cleal

‘Fight Club’ by Raphael Kelly. A new, utterly wonderful screen print edition.

The artist created this print for the upcoming Crazy4Cult show at Galleries 1988 in LA. If you’re States-side and west-coastin’, be sure to go check it out.

We’ve not worked with Raphael before this edition, but are so happy that he got in touch, as the poster artwork he supplied made for one heck of a fantastic print. There’s something about the composition, the use of colour and paper choice, the decision to run gloss over the film cells, and how that all came together in print, that makes this one really stand out. We’re in love with it!

Fight Club was screen printed at 18”x24”, in 4 colours + gloss overprint, onto 270gsm Colorplan Stone.