Harry Bunce Affordable Art Fair editions.

Harry Bunce Affordable Art Fair editions.

We’ve been working with the artist Harry Bunce for a number of years, most recently on a new set of editions that will be showing at this year’s Affordable Art Fair in Battersea, which commences Thursday 7th of March. Harry’s work will be presented at the art fair by long term partners, Clifton Fine Art.

Taking a break from his open ended Sorry… project, but continuing the exploration of well trodden themes such as the countryside, rurality, flora & fauna, and the environment, Harry’s new works introduce fresh characters to his canon, each expanding with a sense of familiarity in bold new directions.

The new works are comprised of a series of screen prints on prepared timber, as well as two new limited paper editions.

Southpaw, The Kid, and Natural Law have been screened onto timber prepared by the artist (various sizes), with Natural Law also scaled up and printed in panels for a final work measuring 288cm W x 174cm H.

With these works on timber, which are ongoing, we work with the artist to create the film positives that would generally be used to expose our silk screens. We then send a set of films to the artist’s studio, where they are used to template the preparation and painting of the timber. These partially finished works are brought to the White Duck Editions studio, where we work with the artist to add the screen print embellishment. Further touching up and treating is completed, back at the artist’s studio, before the works are finally ready to show.

Fragile (3 col) and Green Fingers (2 col) have been screen printed onto 315gsm Heritage White paper in limited editions of 24.

The separations for these paper editions were created from the artist’s original artwork, put through an approval process, before then being committed to silk screen and final editioning.
We also produced ink swatches for all colours, which were signed off by the artist prior to production.

Ahead of the Affordable Art Fair, the artist created a showreel, titled “Nature Fights Back”, which gives a wonderful exposé of the new works.

Harry’s work goes from strength to strength, thematically cohesive to an ever-increasing measure, and never not enjoyable to work on. We wish Harry the best of luck in Battersea.