'Babette's Feast' by Sterling Clinton Hundley.

'Babette's Feast' by Sterling Clinton Hundley.

'Babette's Feast' by @schundley, released by Black Dragon Press & Mondo.

What a gorgeously delicious print. Feels like a fitting way to describe it, given the subject matter. Admittedly, we've not seen Babette's Feast — it's on the list — but the artist's interpretation and the gallery's write-up both speak plenty about what to expect from director Gabriel Axel's 1987 film.

Another fascinating release from the gallery, and a first time collaborating with the highly decorated illustrator, Sterling Hundley, whose artwork for this project is so very exceptional.

'Babette's Feast' was separated and screen printed at White Duck in a 9 col edition of 100 + AP's. 18"x24" on 300gsm Gmund Bauhaus paper.

Head over to Black Dragon Press & Mondo to find out more.