Agatha Christie's Evil Under the Sun edition by WBYK

Agatha Christie's Evil Under the Sun edition by WBYK

Black Dragon Press revisits the Agatha Christie classics, this time with WBYK at the artwork helm.

Evil Under the Sun is a new screenprint edition by WBYK, commissioned and published by Black Dragon Press.

This poster is the first in a series of three screenprint editions, which for the gallery is a repeat visit to the Agatha Christie classics. Where previously Black Dragon Press worked with Johnny Dombrowksi, who delivered a fantastic trilogy of prints that focused on the locations within the films, this teaming up with WBYK finds the Australian design duo coming at the series from the direction of costume design and the fashion of the era.

It’s a compelling angle to explore, and this first in the print series is a highly refreshing composition of colour and form, full of intrigue and mysterious undertones.

Talking of the costumes in the film, Biddy Maroney of WBYK had this to say:

“Anthony Powell did the costumes here and he went on to do them for Death On The Nile, but that’s way more tasteful and I love the ridiculously flamboyant prints and shoulder pads he flung all over these amazing women as they run around an island being so very properly British and sinister.”

Something that’s wonderful about any alternative film poster, is the opportunity to then re-watch the film with the poster artist’s creation held in mind, looking for the clues and ideas that inspired the work and led the creation of the poster. There is usually some thread or plot device that winds its way into and around the construction of the artwork, and, like any great film, the nuance and subtlety of this delivery can be what captures the imagination. With this delicious print by WBYK, it brings a fresh dimension to revisiting the film, where one can delight in how the attention to costume detail resounds between the two works.

Biddy Maroney goes on to say:

“Evil Under The Sun is such a dream job for me because I love Agatha Christie as the pinnacle of all British murder mysteries, I love Diana Rigg and Maggie Smith and I REALLY LOVE those frocks. Peter Ustinov is the Poirot I grew up with because I watched Death On The Nile on video A LOT. So this is my dream property.”

When the artist is fully engaged, and their passions relate so keenly to the subject, the work can never be anything but good. A paradigm proven by this iteration of Evil Under the Sun by WBYK.

And with this in mind, we already cannot wait to see the follow-up artworks in the series!

Evil Under the Sun was screenprinted at the White Duck Editions studio in a 7 colour, edition of 200 + AP’s, 18”x24” on 300gsm Munken paper. Visit the Black Dragon Press shop, where there is still some of the edition available.