JAWS by George Bletsis

JAWS by George Bletsis

Officially licensed ‘JAWS’ by George Bletsis, commissioned by Vice Press in collaboration with Bottleneck Gallery, and screen printed at the White Duck Editions studio.

It is the weekend of Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival 2019— the UK’s biggest comic art festival — which means that an absolute wealth of excellent print is currently being revealed, to the delight of many a fan.

It’s been our great pleasure to work once again with the Vice Press team, producing three editions that will be released exclusively at the comic con.

First up is JAWS by George Bletsis. Such a thought-provoking take on this well-known title. The ominous view from below the ocean’s surface, as the shark moves into the shallows. The artist’s vision and execution is on point!

The artist and gallery wanted to create a poster that captured a vintage feel, in keeping with the era of the film, and so the art separation was run primarily as CMYK, to give that lovely halftone look. We also added three spot colours — first a translucent black wash to darken the lower part of the print, followed by red for the title and off-white for the credits. The print was also produced on a speckle-tone stock, for maximum vintage vibes.

JAWS was screen printed at 24”x36”, in a 7 col edition of 250+APs onto 285gsm Woodstock.

You will find Vice Press in the ComiXology Originals Hall this weekend, at tables 42-44. Pay them a visit to check out this and their other most excellent wares.